Toughseal is a world class paint protection, its been tested, to its limits, in Australia for 17 years with great success and thousands of happy clients,from all states, cities and rural areas.( Broome to Cairns, Esperance to Melbourne )
Our unique formula is manufactured for Australia's harsh condition, with 4 UV protection added.
 *Toughseal Acryloplexin Nanoplate Step 1 and Step 2 is a crossed linked nanoplexin polymer resins.

**Toughseal QFX Carbon Ceramic Cio2 and Sio2
is a 9H hardness hydrophobic film.
Both products give a high gloss and long term shine with the added UV protection.
Both are wow factors.

My Mobile Service means you can relax in the comfort of your home while I do wonders to your vehicles.

New Vehicles come with a 200,000 kilometre Written Warranty.*
* This is a once only application * Car care products supplied

NEW VEHICLE PRICES   Acrylic or Ceramic

A.Small Cars 
Toughseal Paint Protection
Acrylic Resins Step1/Step2                          $690
Interior Protection Leather/Fabric/Carpets     $150 

A. Medium / Small SUV
Acrylic Resins                                          $790
Interior Protection                                    $170

A. Large SUV / 4x4's    
Acrylic Resins                                         $890
Interior Protection                                   $190

You wont find a better Protection that will outlast all other products on the global market I put my name to it for 17 years, and going stronger than ever. 
B. Toughseal QFX Carbon Ceramic

B. Small Cars
Ceramic Paint Protection                    $950
Interior Protection                             $150             

B. Medium & Med SUV
Ceramic Paint Protection                   $1050
Interior Protection                            $170

B.Large SUV & 4x4's
Ceramic Paint Protection                   $1150
Interior Protection                            $190

Bikes                               $250-$350

You wont find a better ceramic that will outlast all the other products.
Most Ceramics will only last for 3-5 years
QFX is tested for 8 to 10 years and beyond.

Please note: 
I need a clean Washed and Vacuumed car  
 If you choose Ceramic I only do new cars, because ceramic highlights all inperfections                                           
Other Services
Used Car Paint Correction finished in Toughseal $POA

Swirl Removal
Dull Faded Paint
General Tidy Up                               $300 - $POA

Motor Bikes - RVS - VANS - Business's

About Us


I'm Brian Oswald owner of NoWax.com.au

I'm the W.A. Distributor for Toughseal Australasia, and have been for over 16 years. 

My background is in Spray Painting,( Dad, owned Panel & Paint Business) Technical Adviser for the Panel & Paint Trade , Training & Technical Advisory for Toughseal. 

With my knowledge & skills in Automotive Refinishing I can help you with any questions that you might ask.

There are so many products and polishes on the market and I'm glad that Toughseal chose me to represent their paint protection and products.

16 years without, no claims, that means that Toughseal is working for the both of us. Guaranteed.    

From Show Cars to #WeShineRides the best way.

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Our Services
* From The Vines to Mandurah
* Mobile Service (Home or Office)
* Master Applicator​ for Toughseal
* 4 Stage Paint Correction for Used Cars
* Buff and Glazing
* Dull or Faded Paint
* Swirl Removal
* Free Advice 7 Days
* All Vehicles, Show Cars, Hot Rods,Bikes, Boats, Caravans, even the BBQ.